All Things Hybrid

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 4:09pm

We know that you have questions, and we want to ensure that we are providing you with the most updated information.  Please check back periodically for updates. 

  • FES Hybrid Schedules (Beginning March 1st) 

          New Hybrid Master Schedule for RECC-5th Grade effective March 1, 2021. Note: Wednesdays are half-days for Group E and virtual for Groups A, B, and V. 

  • FES Hyrbrid FAQs.  These are frequently asked questions and answeres that may have come up in our presentations, emails, or conversations with families. 

  • Daily Sympton Tracker Please use this daily to ensure your child/ren is healthy enough to join us in person. 

Daily Symptom Tracker

  • Does your child need to receive medication and/or a treatment by a health provider while at school? 

Medication/Treatment Info

Physician Medication Form

EpiPen_Benadryl Order Form

  • Arrival/Dimissal Procedures

  • Will you child be getting lunch from our cafeteria? Or your child is curious of what is being served in the cafeteria on a particular day? Please visit HCPSS Nutrislice website and typing in Fulton. You can scroll to different days and it will provide you with the options for lunch. Also, please note that if you send your child in with lunch from home, he/she will not be able to get milk from the cafeteria- please remember to send in a beverage with your child. 

  • School Supplies for Hybrid Learning

  • Important Notes regarding Health & Safety.  We follow the guidelines set out by CDC and the Howard County Health Department.  We have compiled the resources in one place for easier access.

  • Attendance. Will your child be absent or is supposed to join us for in-person learning but will be accesing their learning virtually that day? Please email and include your child's name and grade. If your child will be accessing learning virtually instead of in-person, please indicate this in the email. When emailing a note, you will receive an automated message to verify that your email was received. Please do not send attendance notes to your child's teachers. If you have any questions about your child's attendance, please email

    • Tardy: Your child will be marked tardy if they miss 20 minutes or more of instruction. This could be if your child joins class 20 minutes or later or leaves class 20 minutes earlier than the end time. 

    • Attendance: Your child's teacher will be taking attendance 3 times a day in Homeroom, English/Language Arts, and Math. ​

  • Presentations

  • Check out these Must See Videos!

  • HCPSS FAQ FAQ resource